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The Whole Enchilada

In Manny Yekutiel’s January 3, 2023 newsletter he wrote:

“How are you feeling about 2023? What's your one-word description of how you feel right now? Mine is: Excitement.”

I read that and said “Wow” to myself. I do not feel excitement. What do I feel? The first word that came to mind was “cautious.” I’d love to write “excitement,” but that would not be honest.

Other words that come to mind: Nervous/sad/frustrated about the political situation in our country and in the world. Not to mention concerns about global warming/the environment/income inequality/racial injustices.

As a life and career coach, am I supposed to be more positive and upbeat in my personal life? I’m not one to put a smiley, positive spin on life at all costs. That doesn’t mean I don’t look for and appreciate the moments of joy, excitement, calm, and gratitude.

In 2023 I am looking forward to exploring the Bay Area and California after twelve years away. I plan to celebrate a big round birthday.

I will continue to tutor and add a new volunteer activity to my weekly schedule as I’ve learned that service to and with others spreads good will and even joy. I look forward to my creative endeavors and groups that bring the full shebang: enjoyment, frustration, community, learning, and satisfaction.

I will continue to support and encourage my coaching clients in their own journeys. We will explore their range of emotions, as well as their hopes, desires, and successes. We will look for creative ways to solve problems and enhance their lives.

Here’s to 2023 and the whole enchilada!


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