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Reconnecting: A Year of Gratitude

gratitude notes
Post-it notes from each week of the year with messages of gratitude

At this time last year, I started a new practice. Each Sunday morning, I thought back on the previous week and wrote down on a sticky note an experience, event, or idea for which I felt grateful. I folded the sticky note in half and placed it in a small basket. On January 1st I dumped out all of the notes, arranged them by date on the dining room table, and reviewed my year of gratitude.


I noticed themes that kept coming up: my coaching clients, playwriting class and attending live theater, our garden, tutoring, exploring new and old special Bay Area places with my husband, and being with friends in person and virtually. I decided that my overall theme for the year was reconnecting.


Reconnecting with our home, region, friends, a love of both writing and coaching, and with a new pet. It sure is fun to have a cat in the house again. She makes me laugh on a daily basis.


If you haven’t tried some form of gratitude practice, I highly recommend it. Knowing that each Sunday I’m going to recall something for which I feel grateful, leads me to focus on gratitude as I go about my days. It is this positive outlook that helps me stay more centered during these times of war and political unrest.


I’m thinking that my theme for 2024 will be building strength. Building physical and emotional strength as well as equanimity. What about you? What was your theme for 2023 and what are you envisioning for 2024?


Happy New Year!


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