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Finding Inspiration

If you are like me, you find inspiration from stepping outside your daily routine or in noticing intimate encounters in nature.

I invite you to experience the photos below from my recent trip to the East Coast. Perhaps your curiosity will be piqued.

In a recent writing group session, I shared the quote from the photo below as a writing prompt. I was inspired to write the poem that follows.

Sorrow Falls Away

Insatiable. in. sat. able.

Curiosity. curio. Rio. sit.

Intellectual. in. tell, lecture. all.

Disintegration. inter. integrate. on.

Archenemy. arch. enemy. my.

Words fall away.

Disintegrating. Integrating.

Curios dancing across the page.

Sit. Sat. My.

Sorrow falls away.

Photo taken at Edith Wharton's estate, The Mount

Topics to reflect upon:

  • Discover new perspectives (photo taken at Art Omi)

  • Teeter (photo taken at Art Omi)

  • Accept your shadow (photo taken at The Mount)

  • Embrace change (photo taken at Mass MoCA)

  • Find your true north (photo taken at The Mount)

  • Take a bow (photo taken at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival)


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