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Finding Home/Finding Center

Our next-door neighbor, Charlie, plays baseball on two teams. As you might imagine, that means he attends many practices in addition to going to games (and attending Middle School). He also practices in his backyard within the batting cage they have set up. He and his parents often ask us if the thumping sound of the bat hitting the ball bothers us. I can honestly say that it does not. I like the reminder to practice, whether it be meditation, writing, Pilates, or some other activity that is important to me. If Charlie can do it, so can I!

Practicing helps me to find/build/strengthen my center. I have realized that after our big move from Louisiana back to California, I’ve been off my center. Once we had almost finished the grind of unpacking, figuring out where all of our stuff would go, and arranging and rearranging furniture, I felt a bit lost. Now what?

What is my life going to be like now? What do I want to focus on? How do I rebuild a community in a big city? These are not questions that I will be answering quickly. I realized that I need to take small steps and constantly remind myself to come back to my center. I do that by creating a routine around those activities that I have chosen: walking, participating in a recorded Zoom Pilates class with my beloved teacher from Lafayette; weekly playwriting class and creativity group, and meditation practice.

These activities, both physical and mental, are helping to give me a structure around which I am meeting with coaching clients and checking out where I want to volunteer.

I told my husband that I finally feel like we are getting back integrated in the community after on Saturday we took in the neighborhood Oaktoberfest, and that night headed to San Francisco to hear a piece composed by a friend. We enjoyed the concert and then going out for a drink with him afterward, catching up after not seeing him for way too many years. And then on Sunday, we attended a potluck picnic with the choral group that my husband recently joined. It was great to be out and about being social again, and it made us feel more connected to our new environment.

Feeling at home and in community for me involves finding my center and then reaching out from a place of strength to be with and help others. How and when do you feel at home with yourself and others?


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