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Awakening From The Dream

In my dream last night, I was sitting in the audience at a table in a high school gym and on stage the actors were performing my play. That was what I was expecting, but then I noticed characters and lines that were not in my play. I made notes on a piece of paper. I was confused, and I started to feel angry and upset inside. There aren’t any children in my play!

It wasn’t until the end of the performance that I realized that they weren’t performing my play at all. My expectations hadn’t allowed me to really see what was happening on stage. I kept my preconceived notions without being fully present to the reality on stage. And I allowed myself to become upset.

This sort of thinking doesn’t happen just in dreams. We all sometimes let our expectations take precedence over what is truly in front of us. We are not awake in the present moment. Instead, we rely on experiences or conversations from the past and let those influence our present actions. And then we wonder why we are unhappy or angry or why our conversations go awry.

Today, I am going to practice being awake in as many moments as I can. What will I see/do/be? How about you?

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