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What's Behind The Doors?

We recently returned from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where my husband and I shared a house and memorable experiences with four friends. The colorful and mysterious doors that line the narrow sidewalks intrigued me. What is behind those doors?

Isn’t that also the question that many of us ask ourselves at the start of a new year? Which doors will I open this year? Will I open a door just a crack to reveal what is behind it? Or will I swing open wide the large, heavy door and let in the light?

A couple of times in San Miguel, I walked past a modest door at just the right moment. A woman came out, and I peered in to witness a lush courtyard garden with blooming bougainvillea and birds of paradise.

Making a commitment to a more consistent meditation practice is a door that my husband and I are opening together.

The larger door I have chosen to open wide this year is to start researching and writing a new play. I’m both excited and a bit scared. What will this new topic reveal? What other doors will I open in the process?

What doors will you open this year? Will you welcome in the sun, a cat, a breeze? What might you find behind and within your doors?

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