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What Secret?

Updated: 5 days ago

After some soul searching, I've decided to not keep this news a secret. The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco put out a call for 10-minute plays, and I sent them “What Secret?” It was chosen, along with 29 other plays, for the 2024 Short Play Festival!


I invite you to check it out. My play will be broadcast on Zoom on Monday, July 15 at 7pm Pacific, along with four other short plays. All you need to do is register in advance at this link:


I hope you don’t mind this self-promotion in lieu of a “real” newsletter. If I were to pull a coaching theme out of this, it might be to pursue what you enjoy, and enter contests because once in a blue moon, you might get lucky.


At the end of the Zoom performance, you may vote for your favorite two plays. The winning play will be included in an evening of live performances on October 27 BATS Theatre in San Francisco, along with the five winning plays from the other play groupings.


You are welcome to attend any and all of the other days of short Zoom plays. See the schedule below. My play is in Group Two, which I conveniently highlighted for you.

Below are the registration links for each Group of plays:

Group 1 - Sunday, July 14 – 3:00 pm PT

Directed by Rae Cofsky

A History Lesson by Irene Kellogg

An Old Woman of Arles by Vonn Scott Bair

Scotty Bons by Madeline Puccioni

Reset by Neil Harkins

Something Grand by Homeira Elder

Register in advance for July 14 plays:

Group 2 - Monday, July 15 – 7:00 pm PT 

Directed by Wm. Diedrick Razo

Academic Advice by Sanjit Sangupta

Be Here Now by Kirsten Smith

Delayed by Sophia Naylor

Take a Break by Rae Cofsky

What Secret? by Sue Schleifer

Register in advance for July 15 plays:

Group 3 - Sunday, July 21 – 3:00 pm PT 

Directed by Rae Cofsky

Accomplice by Richard Fouts

Burying Father by Kathleen Donohue

Conflict of Interest by Anne Etheridge

Meetup by Dawn Yun

Right by Cherielyn Ferguson

Register in advance for July 21 plays:

Group 4 - Monday, July 22 – 7:00 pm PT

Directed by Gino Rose

A Beast for Helen by Myles Garcia

Doors are Closing by Donald Cooper

Fellow Travelers by David Cole

Off Ramp by Karen CaronnaT

he Girl with Red Hair by Delvyn Case

Register in advance for the July 22 plays:

Group 5 - Sunday, July 28 – 3:00 pm PT

Directed by Manny Golez

1937 at Café Giubbe Rosse by Barbara Anderson

Apparently by Mindy Myers

Blue Lotus Lost by A.J. Layague

Don’t Just Lie There by Carol Sheldon

Making Decisions by Stanley Hathaway

Register in advance for the July 28 plays:

Group 6 - Monday, July 29 – 7:00 pm PT

Directed by Amanda Lee

A Womb of One’s Own by Dennis Edds

Brotherly Love, Family Matters by Steve Koppman

Let’s Dance by Brenda ShoshannaT

here’s Always Bleach by Helen Everbach

The Three O’Clock by Peggy Powell 

Register in advance for the July 29 plays:


If you do watch my Zoom play, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.




I am also pleased to announce that my full-length play, Take Down the Letters, will be produced by Naked Stage Productions Society in Surrey, British Columbia for readings in June 2025.


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