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It Seems So Basic

Late afternoon and I am tired. Not tired for any particular reason. My husband signed us up to play pickleball. I knew I should get my body moving, but didn’t really feel like it. So, I told myself to just go and play a little bit.

You probably know what came next. We did stretches, and then Mark and I hit some balls to each other (“dinking,” for those in the know) to warm up. As people arrived at the courts, we started to play with others who are certainly better at the game than I am. And guess what happened? I started to play better. I also felt energized and ended up playing longer than I anticipated.

Sometimes I need a nudge in order to do something, whether it be exercise or writing. If I invite friends over for dinner, I’ve got an incentive to clean the house. My weekly playwriting class keeps me motivated to write on a regular schedule. If I invite a friend to go for a hike, we both are more likely to follow-through. And, I am always happy that I did so.

Who do you have in your court to help you get/stay motivated?

What techniques or tricks do you use to nudge yourself when that is necessary?

Because many of us appreciate support and encouragement now and then.

Happy Autumn!


Many folks enjoy getting out and about while walking their dogs. Below is a a Gershwin piece inspired by that activity.

George Gershwin | Promenade - Walking The Dog, Sebastian Manz & Friends


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