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Taking Care of Business

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I’m often surprised by how good it feels to check things off of my list. Recently my husband and I have taken steps to update our legal documents. In actuality it took less time than I expected.

As is so often the case, it took one of us (me) to decide it was time for us to update our forms. I did a bit of research, lined up some help, and then we took care of it. And now, we both feel grateful that we have accomplished these important steps.

When was the last time you updated or completed the forms listed below? Is it time to do so?

  • Power of attorney for finances

  • Advance care directive (also called a Living Will)

  • Will

And once you are done, be sure to express gratitude to yourself for making time to take care of business. And then, you may want to make a gratitude practice part of your daily routine. I am often surprised how many people have not heard of or have not tried a gratitude practice.

What is a gratitude practice, you ask? It is taking a moment each day to think of one small thing that you are grateful for. It helps to set a specific time to do this, perhaps when you climb into bed at night, you grab a small notebook and jot down what you felt grateful for that day. Or, maybe at dinner time, you and others who might be dining with you each verbally share a gratitude.

Some examples from my recent gratitude list include: a delicious lunch at Scratch Farm Kitchen; watching the bees and butterflies in my garden from my office desk; friends in my life; the insightful reporting on “The Daily” podcast; a mammogram that was negative; The Great British Baking Show on Netflix; Ruth Bader Ginsberg. As you can see from my list, what you are grateful for may be quite diverse, as well as include smaller and bigger items.

Once you begin a gratitude practice, you will start to notice what you are grateful for as you go about your day. As David Steindl-Rast states in this Ted talk, “If you’re grateful, you’re not fearful.” We could all use less fear in our lives now.

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