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Take Down The Letters Synopsis:

Finally ready to clean out her husband’s closet, Lynn discovers a box of letters high up on a shelf. Should she read the letters? She invites her mom to accompany her on the journey that takes them to the 70s where they meet a creative and confused young woman searching for freedom, love, and how to live a creative life. What do the letters reveal? What will Lynn learn about herself, her relationship with her husband and with her mom?

Dramatic comedy. To learn more or to express interest in producing the play, please contact Sue. You may read the play by visiting New Play Exchange and searching for Take Down The Letters or Sue Schleifer. 

You may also read at New Play Exchange, Sue's second play, What Matters, written with Emily Duryee. 

What Matters Synopsis

Haunted by a story of a woman dying alone in her apartment, Marie confronts her own mortality. Her fixation on death ensnares everyone in her orbit, including her nephew, her devoted best friend whose husband died too early, and her husband Peter, who wrestles with anxiety about his upcoming retirement. Marie is determined to confront her fears, to understand life and death from more than her own white, liberal perspective, plan a peaceful end of life, and live fully once she determines what really matters. Unbeknownst to Marie, her obsession with death draws the attention of the big wigs at Death Corp who dispatch a Grim Reaper on a recon mission.

"With The Key to the Castle, Sue Schleifer takes us on parallel journeys - to the outer world of exotic adventures around the globe, and the inner world of meditation and reflection. In the process she shows us how deep engagement and openness to the moment in both realms are keys to the “castle” of wisdom and joy. She is honest about the bumps in the road, and full of questions and doubts (and good humor), all of which make her story very accessible. Her prose is spare, elegant and lucid, and the balance of adventure and reflection make for a sustaining and engaging read." - P. Warren 

"I just finished reading your terrific book. I bought it a few weeks ago and just knew it would be a great reflective read for my family trip in Spain. The way you have shared and blended both internal and external travels and your personal growth in your life was very moving. The crazy thing for me to understand is how well you listened in our coaching sessions when you have so much to share. Thanks for helping me with my own internal travels and growth." - L. Smith 

Both books are available from most online booksellers. 
The Key to the Castle is available in print and digital versions. 
Cultivating a Mindful Life is a digital book only. 
Key to the Castle
Take Down the Letters
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