About Life and Leadership Coaching

 ”I start where the last person left off!” – T Edison

Our mission:

We are a people service organization and our only purpose is to under-promise and over-deliver dyadic relationships between our clients that create “win-win.” synergetic relationships. We are committed to transforming the individual and the business from good to great.

What is life and leadership coaching?

We are an individual and business/executive coaching company. Life and Leadership Coaching was founded in 2009 by the founder and President, Mr. T Nathaniel Fitts. The idea came about through a conversation/coaching session Mr. Fitts  had with one of his clients who wanted to advance her career by applying for an executive position with a major corporation.  She did not feel confident that she could meet their expectations, and desired to make more money, feel appreciated and valued, and have greater opportunities for advancement; She wanted “advice.”

Mr. Fitts was insightful enough to know that giving her advice would only take the responsibility off of her. He also knew that she needed a strong boost of confidence, and to shift her thinking in order to stand any chance at winning. He had a session with her that consisted of why, what, and how important it was for her to achieve what she wanted. After she responded to each inquiry, he then politely intruded, in order to keep her thinking headed into a positive direction. He stated that if you believed strongly enough in yourself, she could achieve what she desired.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with our clients in a thought-provoking creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  Her primary goal was to feel more valued by the people she worked for. Her second priority was to create greater opportunities for advancement, and a strong desire to increase her income.

Life and Leadership Coaching was formed from this one coaching session, and they have been working together ever since as client and coach. Mr. Fitts now coaches 12 to 15 clients per week on leadership and personal growth.

We are a full-service coaching company, specializing in workforce transformation. We use two types of assessments to determine a starting point — personality and attitudinal based assessments. Through one-on-one sessions, group coaching, personal life coaching, and workshops specialized for your needs, Life and Leadership Coaching can support you in achieving a life based on your values and mission.